Pardon Our Dust! Introducing Wombman Reclaimed

Good morning, friends.

I trust you’re well. Throughout this post you’ll see snaps from my morning stroll through UNLV’s beautiful campus. It took me back to my IU days of walking from class to class, catching buses, running late for everything (some things never change), and spending time with interesting personalities from all over the world.

My days on a college campus stretch back to 2002 when I lived on Ball State University‘s campus as a high school junior at Indiana Academy. Even at 34, I just dig college towns.


Enough about my morning. I’m just popping in to say, “Pardon our dust” as I spend some time re-branding this space. The “Consciously Candace” name will take a backseat to the site’s new focus on reproductive and womb health, but you will still see very much of me as I take my own womb health journey more seriously in 2020.

Introducing Wombman Reclaimed

I plan to use the remaining days in January combing through my published posts and re-structuring the site in a way that hopefully will be more user-friendly for people interested in purchasing products to power their plant-based wellness journey.

Speaking of products, a few weeks ago I started a new position as a content writer with Boomer Naturals, a wellness company that offers all-natural, FDA-compliant CB5 products. You’ll hear much more about CB5, the endocannabinoid system (so cool!) and their products very soon. Truly amazing!


For those of you local to Las Vegas, you’ll notice an increase in content focused on where to find healthy food, womb health services, and natural products here in town. I’d like to host workshops and classes here as well. I’m still figuring a few things out, but I’m really excited about showing you around very soon!


I’ve pulled back on Instagram to focus my efforts here. Despite the name change, my mission here remains the same. I’m here to offer information on natural solutions for your various health and beauty concerns. Bear with me as I clean the place up a bit.


Until soon,

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