Catching a Vibe at Vesta Coffee Roasters

Happy Sunday, friends.

Welcome to the second month of 2020! I hope January treated you kindly. I e-bumped into so many people on Instagram complaining about how long the month was for them, but that wasn’t my experience at all. I solidified my content plan for the year, bought a new couch for my place, and rekindled my passion for blogging. January was good to me.


I woke up craving toast (yes, toast), so I consulted my content list for ideas on where to go. After narrowing down a few options and checking reviews online, I decided to start my day in The Arts District in Las Vegas with a visit to Vesta Coffee Roasters.

Instant vibes. I’m a sucker for a black and white aesthetic with exposed piping, so the look of this place was a 10/10. I really liked the pins available for sale, and their coffee blends sounded unique and thoughtfully-crafted.


The “Basic”
Avocado, Crushed Red Pepper, Maldon Salt, Lemon

Organic Tomato, Basil, Garlic, Fromage Blanc

Miso-Maple Matcha Latte
Matcha, Miso-Maple, Oat Milk

Golden Milk w/ Almond Milk


Everything was absolutely delicious! I love when you can taste every ingredient. I’ve had my fair share of avocado toast, but this was especially good. My mother said her Bruschetta was delicious, too.

I have a long list of pretty plates and sweet sips to share with you, so be sure to subscribe to my blog (in the sidebar) to receive a notification when I post next! Thanks for stopping by for breakfast. Enjoy your day!


Until soon.



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