A passion project by Las Vegas-based content creator and plant enthusiast Candace Smith, Wombman Reclaimed seeks to inspire your transition to healthier places, products and practices. Join Candace as she reclaims her creativity through clean living, natural skincare, and exploration. 

Hi! I’m Candace!


Thanks for stopping by to see about little ol’ me. My name is Candace Smith. I work full-time in Las Vegas as a content writer for a wellness company, and manage this online space. Wombman Reclaimed is the meeting place for women interested in learning more about holistic living in Las Vegas Valley. If you need tips on how to live clean in Sin City, you’re in the right place!

It started with an olive, now I’m here!

Allergies. Eczema. Chronic rhinitis. Sensitive skin. There’s a reason why those in my immediate circle refer to me as a “delicate flower.” My current interest in holistic health and green beauty was the natural progression of my desire to avoid the harmful side effects of anti-histamine medications and skin-irritating topicals.


When I stumbled upon the healing powers of olive leaf back in 2009, that research paved the way for my current fascination with all things non-toxic, safe and sustainable.

In 2015 I founded Wombman Reclaimed (formerly Consciously Candace) to inspire your transition to holistic living.  I’m a busy bee, but I pride myself on being accessible. Reach out to me via email at CandaceAlikeSmith@gmail.com for the quickest response. I’m here for you! 

WR Team


Contributor Cherise Young

Cherise Young is a regular contributor on WombmanReclaimed.com (and also Candace’s mom!). With 30 years experience in the social services field, and 21 years as a trained clinician, My Oasis of Hope Consulting founder Cherise Young has coached individuals, families, church groups and professionals on improving their level of functioning, achieving emotional well-being, and enhancing their communication skills. Cherise wants to help you live in, with, and on purpose. Raised in the Midwest, she now calls Las Vegas home.

Visit the My Oasis of Hope Consulting page on Facebook or learn more about Cherise’s services on her Web site, MyOasisofHopeConsulting.com.